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June 15, 2018

Sitting in the car park at McDonald's my brother and I's house had just burnt down. We went through the drive-through because no one has time to cook when your house is incinerated...  trust me. 

And to our absolute delight, the 2 people who served us were so majestically wonderful that we pulled over to call the head office of McDonalds to tell them and leave feedback. As we had stopped in the waiting bay the manager came out to see if everything was okay. We asked her if we were, in fact, calling the right number (we were). Instinctively she became worried, asking if she could help us resolve the issue because you know, why would we possibly be calling due to something great happening!

Once we told her how happy we were, she was over the moon. This manager explained to us that when people leave positive feedback it makes a huge difference for the people on her team.

and she's right. 

You see there are often many rewards available for employees across all industries who are positively recognised by the public. From cash bonuses to, prizes, promotions and much more. So knowing this, whenever I call I always request that my human is given a raise or a holiday. :P hehe Not only are you making someones else's day, but you're going to have a better day as well. 

The point is, there are just so many opportunities to make a big difference just by changing the way you do do a few small things... 

Every day we have choices and what we do with those choices impact the world around us. You can make a big difference by simply leaving feedback and doing it when things are great- not just when they're shit. 

Here are 5 simple kindness hacks to add more goodness to your everyday habits; 

  1. Stay on the line and ask for the manager! Leave a compliment for the person who served you if they really helped your issue. 

  2. Fill out the feedback card! Whoever they are...  Let them know how magical your person serving you was and why. 

  3. Did someone give you great service? Call the head office and let them know.
  4. Tag your store on social media - add a picture if you like, direct message them. Whatever!

  5. Let your human know that you are truly thankful for whatever it was they did. Actually, highlight what you are grateful for, explain how it made your day. i.e Your enthusiastic attitude reminded me what a beautiful day it is, thank you!

Good luck potato bake! 
You make a difference

xx Heather


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