June 15, 2018

The Elevator:
An infamous device that allows for vertical transportation of physical beings. But what if... And I say what if tenderly here, the elevator could also be used as a container of thoughts and wondrous conversation?

Everyone knows the awkward silence, the adverted gazes, and shuffling feet that are commonly associated with elevators. But what if we could turn the experience into something magical. Not every time. Of course. Just sometimes.

What if we each had a tiny bit of courage to reach out to the person we are vertically travelling with and have a conversation? I love doing this because it gives me an opportunity to meet people I may never have thought to speak to!

Today my mindful elevator conversation was about gratitude. I asked my travelling buddy "What was the best thing that has happened to you today?" from there we had a lovely and of course brief conversation :P about the best parts of our days and weeks.

Curious as to why I asked this particular question...I told him about the importance of gratitude and the psychological significance it has when you focus on great things that happen in your life! You see, when you focus on gratitude each day it actually allows for your brain to create stronger neurological pathways that allow you to access these thoughts more frequently and easily. So even when you're not trying to be 'happy' your brain automatically accesses this behaviour and floods your mind with things you could be grateful for. Which if you ask me, is a lot better than focusing on the negative, especially actions you cant change! :)

So fellow human I say to you! What if we could replace shuffling feet with smiles?

Empty space with hilarity? and

Silence with kindness and understanding. :)

Imagine the difference.

But more importantly, imagine the magic. You are a magician and human connection can most certainly be the trick you're practising. :)

Love always,

Elevator Kindness Ninja

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