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July 22, 2018

The Card is part of a Pebble Pack. There are thousands all over the world being given out to incredible people, just like you! The Kindness Hub is about connecting the world, one ripple at a time as humans hand out their cards to other humans.

If you haven't already, share your moment with us so we can see how far the ripples have spread!  #Thekindnesshub 

Our extra purpose for creating the Pebble Packs is to give people a voice who may not have one. When you buy your pack, $1.00 goes to sponsoring at-risk youth to attend life-changing leadership events around the world.

We believe strongly that youth suicide needs to be something of the past and people deserve to know that other people out there really care about them. Stranger, or not. 

So thanks for being here on this earth - truly, we appreciate you!

Get your Pebble Pack here:

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