Connecting the world through kindness yo.


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About Us

The Kindness Hub is a social enterprise connecting the world through kindness. We focus on sharing stories of wholesome goodness across the world, recognising in full force that connection is only a conversation away! :)

What else?
$1.00 from every Pebble Pack sold on this site goes to sponsoring an 'at-risk' young person to attend a fundamentally life-changing Youth Leadership Program.

We believe youth suicide should be something of the past and you can bet our bottom dollar we'll be doing everything we can to make that happen. When the world is connected, together, we can do anything.


Our Contributors!

TheKindnessHub and the PebblePack would not be possible if it weren't for the tireless hours and dedication to goodness of Lucy Ogden-Doyle and Amy  Buchan. 

Their unique ability to take an idea and turn it into visualised beauty can't be matched. It is a continuous honour to work alongside them and develop the imagery and depth of these card characters. 

Find out how you can work with them here:

Special mention is also needed for Lyndsey Fay - the artist behind the original Pebble Pack imagery.  Find her on Instagram @LyndseyFay