Connecting the world through kindness yo.


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Our Story

Hi there ☺️
My name is Heather Miller and I have been handing out kind/hilarious/loving/punny
and wonderful cards to people for about 9 years now.

The box you see above here ^
I used to carry around with me everywhere I went, equipped with a pen, bluetack, and free paint cards from Bunnings Warehouse in Australia. I not only gave notes to random people passing by but also stuck them up on train/bus windows and watched peoples faces laugh as the train pulled away at a ridiculously terrible dad joke I had just written. :) From funny to wholesome, I have seen first hand the impact a simple card can make. 

SO... I decided to start The Kindness Hub and create the 'Pebble Pack'. So other people in this world, just like me, could have an easy way to create ripples of goodness in their worlds.
After handing out thousands now, I know to some 'it's just a card' but to someone else, it may be the reason they are still here today. To another, it could be "the first time someone called me beautiful since the day my husband died". 

That's a touch of my story, with plenty, plenty more to come. There is a lot that I don't know...What I do know for certain however is we are stronger when we are together.

That people truly to care and that
Kindness creates ripples.