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LIMITED EDITION - Pebble Pack 2.0

Welcome to the greatest choice of your day today, buying your brand new Pebble Pack! The perfect gift for yourself or others. Every single card included in your pack is bright, colourful, insightful and filled with a special kind of magic. The art was sponsored by the incredible artist MJ Campos and is definitely something you need in your life. 

The Pebble Pack. 
A set of 26 cards made specifically for your handing out pleasures. 

These cards are about writing/drawing kind messages for people you know, or maybe don’t know yet and then giving them out to other humans. (Feel free to check out our socials for ideas that other people have done). 

Inside the pack- you will find 21 pre-written cards like the ones here, and 5 blank cards for you to create your own unique ripples. 

That's right that's 5 (I know so many!!!) more designs than the original!

Outside this pack - You will find approximately 6.4 billion people waiting to be given one.